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Facts About FRP Lining:

- Most linings made from fiberglass are...

- Rubber and plastic are the two most widly used materials for...


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Rubber Lining
Tanks, Process Pipe, Fittings, Duct, Pumps, fans, etc. Complete items including metal. Built to customer specifications ... designed for maximum service at economical prices. Field crews available.

Plastic Lining
Koroseal* P.V.C. linings permanently bonded to tank. For industries using Nitric, Nitric and hydrofluric mixtures. FRP linings for existing tanks done in your plant or our shop.
*Koroseal TM REG. U.S. Pat. Office.

FRP Fabrication
FRP Process pipe, tanks, fume, duct, hoods, stacks, effluent lines, fittings, launders, troughs, separators, fume scrubbers, etc. For use in the chemical, pulp and paper, textile, and phosphate industries.

Resins furnished per customer specifications. RPA has many years experience with all resins, including Polyesters, Vinylesters, Furans, and Epoxies. Filament winding capabilities from 6" Diameter thru 12' Diameter up to 40' continuous lengths. Complete one source jobs from preliminary drawings through field supervision upon installation if required.

Dual-Laminate Fabrication
P.V.C., P.V.D.C., Polyethylene, Polypropolene, Teflon - Pipe and vessels overlaid with Fiberglass and resin to your specifications.


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