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Facts About FRP Lining:

- Most linings made from fiberglass are...

- Rubber and plastic are the two most widly used materials for...


Rubber & Plastic Applicators, Inc. was organized in July 1963 by C. E. Wells and C. P. Cortright to do F.R.P. fabrication and rubber lining for the chemical, fibers and pulp, and paper industries. Business was conducted in a rented building the first year, and in 1964 we moved to our present location at 86 Telegraph Road, Mobile, Alabama. The property is located on the corner of Bay Bridge and Telegraph Road, and consists of 8 acres with frontage on both streets.

Our modern plant has over 40,000 sq. ft. of floor space with three overhead cranes, and a mono-rail system. The main bay, which is 50' x 500', is used for fabrication only and has two cranes running the full length. F.R.P. pipe, flanges, and fittings are made in separate areas. We have complete facilities for the manufacture of contact mold or filament wound pipe through 8 ' diameter in 20 ' lengths. 10 ' and 12 ' diameter are made in 15 ' lengths. All F.R.P. pipe and tanks are designed with our In-House Computer. Shop Drawings, Calculations, and Drawings for Approval, are all furnished according to customer specifications by RPA Personnel. Our rubber lining facilities consists of 8,000 sq. ft. of area, with boiler, air compressor, and autoclave. Our production personnel normally numbers 50-60.

R & P Machine & Metal, Inc. was begun in 1972 to complement our rubber and fiberglass manufacturing facilities. R & P fabricates pipe, and tanks for rubber lining. Also rubber lined tanks, chlorine cell parts, fan housings, impellers, rolls, and pulleys are repaired and re-lined. Fiberglass parts such as flanges, slide gates, butterfly valves and expansion joints are drilled or machined according to customer specifications.

With our adequate modern facilities and many years of experience, we can offer quality workmanship at competitive prices. We solicit your inquiries which will receive our prompt attention.


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